In Development

I See Spiders. Co-Executive Producer/(Story By): Richard Bazley

An architect suffers disturbing hallucinations after a Parkinson’s diagnosis so he puts himself forward for a radical new treatment, but he then finds his troubles are only just beginning.

Dead Trace. Director Richard Bazley. Written by Julianne White. Produced by Julianne White.

The Chimeran. Creators: Richard Bazley, Paul Goodenough, Gary Kurtz

An explosive drama, set in a possible future, where mankind’s needs for mass production is fulfilled by The Chimeran, a genetic hybrid race, bred for purpose

George and the Dragon: Exec Producer and Director Richard Bazley.

Little Red: Exec Producer and Director Richard Bazley.

CENSURE. (Films Short) Director: Richard Bazley

The Clock. Director: Richard Bazley.

Created and Wrtten by Mark Law Hitchens and Carla Simson.

Offbeat. Director: Richard Bazley

PICK, a young rebellious Note seeks to bring harmony back to a world driven by the beat of it’s ruler, the Conductor.