I am writing to you to introduce Richard Bazley, whose work I have watched and enjoyed over many years.

Richard’s love and talent in animation and live action is outstanding. As a storyboard artist , conceptual artist, writer and director in animation, it seemed a natural progression to move into directing live action projects.

His past work has garnered multiple awards. Richard truly understand cinema, story and visuals.

Please meet and consider Richard Bazley and his work.

Howard Kazanjian Producer, “Return of the Jedi”, “Raiders of the Lost Arc.

Richard has already climbed the heights of the animation business not only becoming a top Disney Animator but also becoming an Emmy Nominated Director. He is now taking all these translatable skills and applying them equally as to Directing Live Action.
It is no coincidence that many other Directors come from an animation background such as Tim Burton and Brad Bird to name a few. ANimators know all about performance as they are “Actors with Pencils”. Richard certainly knows how to get a performance out of actors. He Directed live action reference at Disney for his characters in Hercules, Amphitryon, Alchmene and Demetrius voiced by Hal Holbrook, Barbara Barry and Wayne Knight. In addition he Directed Hugh Laurie in an animated short. He clearly attracts top talent.
I couldn’t be more excited to see what he does next in Live Action. I have seen his personal slate of film projects all of which are diverse and insightful. His films not only entertain, they have depth. I would recommend Richard as a Director on any film.

Mario Kassar Producer “Terminator”, “Basic Instinct”, “Rambo”.

I have known Richard’s work for sometime. He has trodden the well-worn route from Animator to a Director in Animation and now Director of Live Action. It is no coincidence that a whole generation of well-known Directors have followed this route. Animators bring a fresh approach to Live Action Cinema and Richard brings with him that dynamic visual aspect.
Animators are also Actors but with pencils so they know how to get a great performance from an Actor. We are not talking broad slapstick but subtle characterization. Animators can also visualize better than most. I can see this already in Richard’s early Live Action work. In the tradition of Ridley Scott Richard likes to storyboard his films. This works as a perfect blueprint for the final film and makes it a lot easier to shoot. It is all there first in his head then on paper. Richard is the utmost craftsman and there is great sensitivity in his work. It is because of all these reasons I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard as Director on any Live Action film. I am looking forward to seeing what he makes next!

Barry Navidi

CEO/ President of Salome Productions LLC

Producer “The Merchant of Venice”, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons,

Out of all of the films I’ve produced, “Bridge to Terabithia” remains my favorite. It was directed by a top animation director who had never directed a live action film before, Gabor Csupo. It was a huge hit for Disney. Unlike Gabor, director Richard Bazley has already trodden in Live Action waters. He has that visual flare and eye that an animator brings. I have seen Richard develop a number of projects and it is clear he is an ideas man. He is visual but the content of what he makes has drama and substance as well . In his interview “Transitioning from Animation to Live Action” he discusses how as an animator you observe life, you absorb it, then later these influences come out naturally in making a film. This is true whatever the medium. His wealth of experience means his films have depth. Like other ex-Disney animators now live action directors, Brad Bird, Rob Minkoff and Tim Burton I see big things to come! I would highly recommend Richard .

Hal Lieberman

Producer The Hal Lieberman Company

Producer “Termnator 3”, “The Jackal”, ” Bridge to Terabithia”.

Richard Bazley is among the most talented filmmakers and versatile artists I have had the pleasure of working with. During my career at several major Hollywood studios, Richard’s film work stands out as the rare combination of cinematic storytelling with detailed knowledge of character development. I have seen his storyboarding and directing provide a tangible roadmap for a team of artists and technicians required to create a film from scratch. He has a proven track record of being able to join a project in any state, grasp the essence of the film, and produce high quality results regardless of budget or schedule.

Matt Davis 

Vice President at Sony Pictures Animation

Writer/Executive Producer – Lost Treasure Hunt – Nominated for two Emmy Awards